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There is a minimum purchase of 3 bags when you are purchasing online. You may mix and match, for example, you may purchase three different kinds of tea.

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If you would like to purchase a large quantity of tea, please contact us at shop@flowerpowerteas.com, or call 831.425.3310.

Root 66
This blend, inspired by its dark, sweet flavor, is a fabulous coffee substitute. Enjoy with milk and honey. A rich, full-bodied blend of roots and spices, including: sarsaparilla root, chicory root, roasted dandelion root, carob pods, and cinnamon. Sweetened with coconut, crystal malt, and fennel.
3.5 oz bag
Redwood Chai
Redwood chai is based on a popular Indian spiced tea blend, yet it doesn't have caffeine. This warming blend stimulates digestion, and is delicious with hot milk and honey. Also makes a great iced chai. Contains: carob, ginger, cinnamon, chicory, orange peel, clove, licorice, fennel, and cardamom.
3.5 oz bag
Get Smart
This blend contains herbs that are traditionally used to stimulate the mind, giving you the feeling of mental clarity. Contains: peppermint, gota kola, ginkgo, siberian ginseng, foti, lemon grass, licorice, damiana, and calendula.
1.5 oz bag
Avena Dream Tea
This blend contains flavorful herbs that soothe the mind and body. Try it before bed to ensure a restful night of sleep, or when you need a relaxing cup of tea after a busy day. Contains: chamomile, oatstraw, linden flower, scullcap, lemon verbena, fennel, wild lettuce, catnip, nutmeg, and calendula.
1.5 oz bag
Love Your Life Tea
Originally called "Love Your Liver Tea," this blend includes herbs that cleanse the liver and nourish the whole body. It has a rooty, earthy flavor sweetened by licorice, along with other herbs used for internal cleansing: yerba santa, dandelion root, yellow dock, nettles, and rosemary.
2 oz bag
Relax and Digest
This delightful combination of herbs will help you digest your food while relaxing your body and mind. Perfect for an after meal cup of tea. The blend is a favorite for its minty, spicey, and sweet flavor. Contains: peppermint, ginger, chamomile, orange peel, fennel, lemon balm, rose, and papaya leaf.
1.5 oz bag
Wiccan Women's Brew
This vital blend of herbs balances women's cycles and nourishes the whole body. The herbs are mineral-rich and great for both men and women. Great for daily use, it has a warming note of cinnamon, as well as nettles, lemon peel, lemon verbena, linden flowers, raspberry leaf, vitex, rose petals, and stevia.
1.5 oz bag
Julie's Good Feeling Flower Tea
This blend is perfect for uplifting your mood. Just looking at the herbs and smelling the floral notes gives me a sense of well-being. Rose and chamomile are the prominant flavors of this blend, along with other herbs known to uplift the spirit: chamomile, rose petals, orange peel, oatstraw, lemon balm, lavender, and stevia.
1.7 oz bag